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Photo Gallery

Salsa's Fall 2012 litter Salsa's Fall 2012 litter 170600605 170600606 170600607 170600608 170600609 170600610 170600611 170600612 owned by Annie L. 170601339 owned by Mikayla I. 170601340 owned by Jay A. 170601341 owned by Harry H. 170601342 Sandy owned by Mike A. 170601343 Nova - daddy's girl She sleeps by Ron's feet whenever she gets the chance. 172479114 Nova - Christmas Eve Nova went to friends with us for Christmas Eve and met 4 new people. All of the excitement wore her out. 172479115 Nova - Loves to think she's hiding She thinks that just because some of the grass is taller than she is we can't see her. 172479116

Pinto Hollow Farm